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Prescribed Fire & Smoke Management

For a millennium, surface fires burned thousands of acres of ponderosa pine and dry mixed conifer forests in the southern Blue Mountains every year. Today, the nature of fire has changed. In 2015, 110,000 acres burned, much of it a high severity fire that killed thousands of acres of old growth pine and destroyed more than 40 homes. The behavior of fires like the Canyon Creek Complex is driven by dense forests and the build-up of surface fuels over more than 100 years since fire was excluded from the landscape. Thinning forests captures the economic value of timber, ...

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Big Mosquito

The Big Mosquito project planning area encompasses approximately 36,000 acres in the Big and Bear Creek subwatersheds that drain into the Middle Fork John Day River, about 22 miles northeast of John Day, Oregon.

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Elk 16

Elk 16 is a landscape restoration project that addresses a variety of resource issues, current concerns, and proposed restorative actions.

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Soda Bear

The Soda Bear Project area refers to approximately 20,774 acres of Malheur National Forest land on the Blue Mountain and Emigrant Creek Ranger Districts located east of Seneca.

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