About Me

Ben was born and raised in a family ranching operation in Grant County and is a third generation rancher. After graduating high school in 2004 he purchased a small herd of cows and continued working for the family operation. In 2006 he met his match and married his wife Chandra. After they married, together they increased their herd as well as increased their family. They have two incredible children, Clyde, 9 and Silvie, 7. Ranching has been a lifestyle for them, no matter the job they work together. Ben is deeply passionate about agriculture and raising cows. He recognizes the importance of being involved to ensure the success of ranching for future generations. They have owned a USFS grazing allotment for about five years. In this time they have begun to understand that the strength and future of their community and federal land management are good working relationships and open dialogue that help them succeed and grow. His participation in BMFP has helped him recognize the value of open communication with all the different people and agencies involved in managing our public land.